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Classic 1016 photos by RT Alum Austin Grammer

June 2006 Update: My intercession course is nearly over. The labs are fairly empty right now, but the students are coming back - soon - for summer session, and then fall. And when they come, we all get busy - and sometimes links go bad. There's always one bad link -

The 2006 summer syllabus for Sound Art & Practice is up. Cool links, I know because I found them. The fall version will be longer. Also check out a weird summer project called "Tesla" in which we imagine that the future happened more than one hundred years ago (something like that). Go to Then link to

I hope you enjoy Link Mart, and find it useful. It is basically designed to help my students - undergrad and graduate - but others are free to wander around. Again, sorry if some of these links lead you to a dead end. You know, that's life. And if it is philosophy you want, go to soundthinking by Saluki alum Tim Miles. Otherwise, this site is all about the links, man. All about the links.

Blue Light Special

Attention Shoppers. Today's bluelight special is your link to....

Sound Feelings (

Check out music medicine.

You won't need a massage, just some speakers.

Copyright Law

Oral & Aural History

What is Oral History?

How to do History?

More - What is Oral History? Early days of Oral History
(Listen to stories)

Narrative Psychology
Who are we? What does psychology understand by the notion of "self"? What is the nature of our identity? These are questions originally posed by philosophy, but now stand as prime issues within psychology. Narrative approaches to the study of identity and self focus upon questions such as

  • Do individuals comprise one or more selves?
  • Under what circumstances do people change?
  • How do people come to self-knowledge? Can we, in fact, know who we are?
  • To what extend do people adapt their personal stories to conform to culturally-derived types of personality?
  • How is culture integrated into or constitutive of an individual's self?
  • In constructing an autobiography, does an individual conceal more than she or he reveals?
  • How accurate are memories of childhood? of family?

Intro to Interviewiewing:
In-depth Interviewing: Interviewing Chapter:
Radio Diaries:
How to Record:
Telephone Interviews/Quality:
Interviewing Protocol:

Diversity Exercise:
Studs Terkel - The Man Who Interview America

Sound Archives (see Producer's guidelines) (Topics) (Listen to Ghetto Life)
Producer Profile:

FREE Radio

Build a radio station...

Satellite Connections

Orbit Satellite Television and Radio Network - Over 30 fully digital encrypted television/radio channels broadcast by satellite to Middle East & N. Africa

XM Satellite Radio

Radio Amateur Satellite Corporation - keeps a vigilant eye on current events in regulatory bodies, and when appropriate contributes in cooperation with other amateur radio groups.

Sirius Satellite Radio - digital satellite system delivering radio programming directly to your vehicle.

American Indian Radio on Satellite (AIROS) - offers native programming to Tribal communities and to general audiences.

Christian Hit Radio Satellite Network - designed to reach radio listeners with contemporary music for Jesus Christ.

World Radio Network - broadcasts international news and feature programming from public radio stations in over 20 countries around the world via satellite, cable and the internet

Radio Times - offers television, satellite and radio listings for the UK, BBC

Wild Card Radio Links

About the Music Industry and Jobs!


IFPI is the organisation representing the international recording industry. It comprises a membership of 1400 record producers and distributors in 76 countries. It also has national groups in 46 countries. IFPI's international Secretariat is based in London and is linked to regional offices in Brussels, Hong Kong, Miami and Moscow.

Live Nation

Clear Channel Entertainment

Salon Online (keyword: radio)

MIX and the Magazine Rack

Radio and Audio Production Magazine

Radio & Records



Friday Morning Quarterback

Audio Engineering Society (See - Magazines and Publications)

Recording Industry Association of America

National Association of Professional Recording Services

National Academy of Recording Arts & Sciences

National Association of Broadcasters

The Conclave

Club Nashville (see Organizations)

Country Radio Broadcasters/Seminar

Darnell's Black Radio Guide

Urbansite - Professional Radio Organizational Links

Urban Radio


All About Commercial Radio (mostly)

History of Production Music
Superbowl TV Ads
Radio Glossary – Down to Earth Radio Lingo (see glossary and more)

Programming/Format Links
Radio Times
Radio and Records

Radio and Audio Production Mag/Jobs:
Classic Station Promos – The Practice

Voice and Personality:
Dan O'Day's articles and advice at

Various topical programming links:
Michael Keith/Author

Scott Studios


GMI Meda

Neon Sound Productions: (Creative commercials,
production music beds and jingles for radio, etc.)

Chameleon Communications (voiceovers, jingles, film scoring)

John Driscoll - Imaging

Empire Sound Imaging

Mark Roberts - Commerical V/O

Sound Ideas

Road Records: Protools Studio and Links

Sound in Cinema

Skywalker Sound
Dolby Home: (knowledgebase)
Radio Times/Film
Film Sound The Basics:
Film Sound Theory:
Foley: (Lots of Audio Clips)
Just for fun: Movie Mistakes
Have some fun --
click around this site . It is a catalogue of mistakes that
moviemakers make while piecing together films. For example, in the film "Titanic,"
one of the people jumping aboard a lifeboat is wearing a digital watch. In "Top Gun,"
on the last flight that Maverick takes, there's a line that goes: "He's on your left
at three o'clock." Three o'clock is on the right.

Audio and Modern Sound Theatrics

Point of Listening in radio plays:


The Night America Panicked
George Orson Welles, War of the Worlds, (October 30, 1938) "We
know now that in the early years of the twentieth century, this world was being
watched closely by intelligences greater than man's..." (51:17.4)

War of the Worlds [H.G. Wells] - Available free on-line

International Radio Drama -
Social, Economic and Literary Contexts by Tim Crook
Transmissions: On But Unwanted

Sound Effect Helper
Listening to Radio Plays: Fictional Soundscapes
How to

Sound Effects: Art of Noise

Sound Creation

Sound Narratives, Storytelling, Documentary

Walden's Pond [David Thoreau, Chapter 2: Sound]
Available free on-line:

The Personal Narrative - Listen:

Producing Historical Documentaries:
Check out (they accept documentaries!)

Third Coast Festival at

Willie Young Rabbit Hunter - 1:37

Reggie Jones, Lifeguard - 3:45

Woolworth's Lunch-Counter Waitress - 4:58

Street Dogs - 12:06 perrywarga.htm

French Manicure -21:16

Acoustic Ecology and Fuzzy Thoughts

What is Acoustic Ecology...
Handbook for Acoustic Ecology [Barry Traux]
Music and Soundwaves
Hearing is believing:
Sounds that Soothe:
Audio Perception and Sound:
Sound Perception
Acoustics & Noise: Engineering Principles

Browse: (Check out) (Living On Earth) (right?!) (Good!)
Environmental Sounds and Processes (history/context)

Recommendations - Your Sound Environment

Earth Ear
Read Earth Ear (Acoustic Activism/Urban Soundscape;
also Check out Artist Profiles - Douglas Quin)

isten to Earth Ear (includes Antarctica 2000 Sound)

Archives/Sound Libraries
The American Folklife Center
Macaulay Library of Natural Sounds (MLNS)
Sounds from the Vault
ABC Archives and Library/Wildsound
CD Collections

Acoustic Ecology in the Classroom/Field
READ: EcoAcoustics Introduction and sub-links

Some legends and leaders....

Hildegard Westerkamp:

John Cage

Pauline Oliveros

FYI: See Psychoacoustics/History of Computer Music in Music Technology Links (Stanford)

Electronic Readings, Journals, Associations

Journal of Acoustic Ecology:
Computer Music Journal:
Mix OnLine
Pro Audio Review
Radio World
Acoustical Society of America: (society info/listen to sounds)
Audio Engineering Society:
Institute of Acoustics:

Orgins of Recording Technology
Death of Radio: An Essay in Radio Philosophy
Sound Journal:

Technical Assistance - Please!

The Physics Classroom

Protools On-Line Handbook
Software options:


Audio Station (
Home Recording/Setting Up Studio

Saving Projects - MP3 (US Copyright Office)
Digital Domain
-Depth & Dimension
-We have Lift Off
-Compression, Level Practices
-Dither, Jitter, More Bits Please-Source Quality Rule

Midi Tutorial
Signal to Noise

MiniDisc – DAT - Field Recorders/Mics (lots of opinions)

Educational Resource

Mission Possible: Link Mart

I began to collect links for about a decade, and it seemed only fitting that they deserved their own blog. This blog is all about making connections and networking. LOL. Hope you find what you are looking for......sometimes it gets a bit messy in Link Mart.

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